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After class Stephen had to run; he had another class immediately following. Mary had two more classes today, but had already decided to blow them off. She had other things to worry about today.

Besides, being in Master’s presence had made her horny.

Her room wasn’t far, and it wasn’t long until she had taken care of her immediate problem. Afterwards she lay on her bed, basking in the afterglow, and tried to think through her more long-term problems.

She had more information now: the necklace appeared to be designed to make harem slaves. Removing it probably wouldn’t reverse the effect, though it was not an experiment she wanted to try at the moment.

So, what to do now?

What did she want?

She wanted to serve Stephen. To make him happy. That was simple enough.

It occurred to Mary that the easy thing to do would be to start dating Stephen. Become his girlfriend, and hopefully his wife in time.

But that wasn’t enough for her. She’d never seen him with a girlfriend, but Mary was sure Stephen would never command his girl to do anything. More likely he’d treat her with kid gloves: unable to believe she really wanted to stay with him.

Unacceptable. That would lead to Master serving her. Which violated the laws of nature, as far as Mary was concerned.

So, there was a correction to be made: She wanted to serve Stephen, first and foremost. That service should make him happy, but that was up to him to decide.

If she needed to, she could become his girlfriend, but only if there was no other way. Her preference, her need, was to be his slave, and for him to accept her as that. His girlfriend would be asked what she wanted. She wished to be informed of her every desire.

Which brought her back to convincing him he wanted a slave. Which she didn’t know how to do.

She wished she could discuss this. Social by nature, Mary preferred to think in a group. But she couldn’t tell anyone she was a slave, they’d try to fix her. Or at the very least try to stop her from helping her Master dominate her.

Only a fellow slave would understand that need.

A fellow slave… There was one other copy of the necklace that she knew of, back at her home. Mary wouldn’t even have to risk taking off her necklace. All she needed was Stephen to say the words. Or Stephen’s voice?

Mary remembered her voice recorder. Reading did not come easily to Mary, never had. She was much better being able to listen to a voice. A learning therapist had suggested she get a recorder and use it instead of notes. The suggestion had been a lifesaver: Mary’s grades had improved tremendously. She even used it to record study sessions, though she had learned to ask first.

She’d recorded last night’s session: Stephen knew and expected the recorder by now. It was automatic.

Mary pulled up the recording from last night, quickly finding Stephen’s voice saying the activation phrase. She could feel the necklace send a nice tingle through her at the sound. Nothing like what she had felt last night though.

Maybe it wouldn’t work? Well, worst case she could just repeat the phrase herself. The new slave would obey her, but anyone who served her would have to serve her master.

A couple minutes editing, and Mary had the phrase in a separate file, ready to play at an instant’s notice. Her recorder she could easily fit, and hide, in her hand.

Mary would just have time for lunch, then she could be home for supper.

Concubines Necklace

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