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“Hi Jess!” Mary exclaimed, walking in the front door.

Her sister ran out at the sound of her voice. “Mary! You didn’t say you were coming home this weekend. What’s up? And how did you know who was home?”

“Dad’s car was gone, but there were lights on. As for why I’m here, nothing to big, just had a couple of things to pick up. Didn’t have anything better to do this weekend, so I thought I’d run down.” Mary shrugged, releasing her sister from a hug.

“I’d have thought you and Nick could have thought of something to do for the weekend…”

Mary rolled her eyes. “We weren’t that bad, Jess.”

“What? I meant go out to a movie or something like that.” Her voice left no doubt about what she had really meant. Then she straightened up. “Wait: ‘weren’t that bad’? Past tense? Something happen Mary?”

“Long story. Not right now. We haven’t actually broken up.” Jess heard the ‘yet’ in that sentence. “Where’s Dad?”

“Out of town for the weekend. Sales meeting came up, out of state. Short notice. I haven’t even had time to plan a party yet.” Jessica smiled, hoping to cheer her sister up.

Mary didn’t actually need cheering up: her new purpose in life overcame her sadness over loosing Nick. But she appreciated the effort. “Well, let me get out of the doorway and we’ll see what mischief we can get you into while Dad’s away, ok?”

“Sure. Now, which of these bags go to the laundry room?” Jess smiled, picking up two of the bags Mary had brought in.

“All of them sister, all of them.”

One load of laundry later, they were up in Mary’s room. Jess was on the bed, Mary was wandering around, poking through her closets.

“What are you looking for, anyway?” This was Jessica, not really interested but being helpful.

“I’m doing a group history presentation, and we got the idea to use some props.” Mary stretched for a box on the top shelf. “Ah, here it is.” She opened the box, pulling out a necklace like the one she wore.

“That’s Mom’s necklace.” Jess sat up.

“Yeah, turns out it may be a historical artifact. Or at least, a very good copy.” Mary looked away from the pendant to look at her sister.

Jess was staring at the pendant dangling in Mary’s hand.

“Do you mind if I take it with me?”

Jess shook her head, coming out of her daze. “No, of course not. Mom left it to you, for your daughter. That’s how it works.”

“I know, but I’m not having a daughter anytime soon.”

“I just…” She looked at the matching necklace around Mary’s neck.

Mary sat down, next to her sister. “She didn’t love me any more. It’s tradition, that’s all.”

“I know. It’s just… It’s like there’s this club, that I know all about and get to watch every day, but I’m not invited. I can’t help but be a little jelous.”

Mary looked at her little sister, and made a decision. Her recorder was at the top of the bag next to her.

“Here, try it on.” She said.

“You sure?”

“You won’t hurt it. Don’t worry. You’ve worn it before, remember? When we were kids.”

Jess took the necklace, and put it on.

“Go see how it looks.” Mary nodded at the mirror.

Jessica headed over, to look at herself. Mary reached down an picked up her voice recorder. Then, as Jess ran her fingers over the necklace, Mary hit play. Stephen’s voice spoke the magic words, and Mary watched her sister shudder.

Jessica turned around. “What… How… Who’s voice was that?”

“His name is Stephen; he’s in my history class. How do you feel?”

“I feel… I need… What does he want from me?”

Mary got up, and walked over to her confused sister. “He doesn’t know. We were working on a history project, and he found some info about a necklace that created slaves for the sultan. He read the trigger phrase to me.”

“So you are…?”

Mary smiled and nodded. “Welcome to the club, little sister.”

Jessica lurched over and hugged her big sister. “I… I don’t know what to say. Part of me wants to thank you, and part of me wishes I wanted to scream at you.”

Mary pushed Jess back to arm’s reach and said: “You can’t be too angry at me.”

“No, I’m not. I love what I’ve become. What you’ve turned me into: a sex slave for my master. But I know I should be angry. Instead I’m…” She was staring at Mary’s face. A little lower than Mary’s eyes.


“Horny.” Jess didn’t wait for a reaction: she aimed straight for what she had been staring at, using Mary’s open mouth as an invitation to a kiss.

Mary found that while she was somewhat surprised, she had no real objections. She let the momentum carry them backwards to her bed.

Jessica was nowhere near so passive. By the time the sisters reached the bed, she had her hands inside Mary’s shirt. By the time they hit the bed, she was pulling it off. She wished she were barefoot: she would have attempted removing her sister’s skirt with her feet. Her hands did the job.

She finally let her sister breath, withdrawing her tongue for other uses.

“No underwear…” She murmured.

“Didn’t… feel… right.” Was the distracted answer.

“Tasty.” Jess was suckling her sister’s breast. Her sister was just trying to figure out what was happening. Jess had attacked her, and it was all Mary’s mind could do to keep up with the sense flood Jess was feeding her.

Finally Jess gave Mary a chance to catch up and return some of the favors: She turned around to reach Mary’s pussy. This left Mary with a face full of skirt and underwear, which she promptly removed.

Mary had just tasted her sister’s clit when she finally lost the battle to keep her concentration. She gasped, her chin rubbing along Jess’s slit, as the orgasm hit her.

By the time she recovered, Jess was kissing her again.

“Mmm. You are wonderful.” Jess said, letting her sister take a breath. Her hand slid down to Mary’s crotch as she leaned back into the kiss.

From there Mary lost track, as her sister fucked her into oblivion.

Concubines Necklace

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