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Mary woke first, tangled in her sister's arms and her own bedsheets. Jess was sleepily fondling her breast. Mary removed the hand, and carefully extracted herself. She headed for the bathroom to start the morning.

Jess joined Mary at breakfast.

"So, what happens now?" This was Jess.

"I don't know. I just came down here to get the other necklace. I needed to talk to someone about this."

"And you decided your little sister made a good candidate." Jess was smiling.

"Actually, I felt sorry for you. I wanted you to feel like you belonged..."

"Well, I 'belong' now: I belong to a man I've never met!" She shook her head. "Some club. I wonder how mom felt."

"I doubt she knew: It was pure accident that Stephen said the right words. I think the necklaces have had some effect on our family, but unless the words are said they don't seem to have any major effects."

"So, besides turning girls into nypho sex slaves, what do these necklaces do?"

"Hard to say exactly, though I wouldn't say they turn you into a 'nypho sex slave'; my sex drive isn't any higher. They do mess with you inhibitions some."

"Well, my sex drive is in overdrive. It's all I can think about. And what do they do to our inhibitions?"

"How often do you eat breakfast nude?"

Jessica looked at herself, and saw nothing but her skin and the necklace. She managed a small blush. "Not often. I didn't even notice."

"That's what I mean. You'll have to watch for that. I figured we're probably ok in our own house, but we'll have to think about getting dressed before we go anywhere. Then there is not finding anything odd with the idea of lesbian incest."

"Sounds like it could be fun..." Jessica leered at her sister.

Mary returned a tolerant look. "Only if I get a chance to get you off once. But the point is we don't find it odd, at all. And yesterday morning you would have."

Jess had to actually consider that for a moment. "Yeah, I would."

"Beyond the obvious, I don't know. The two necklaces may even have different effects, for all I know. After all, I just want to serve Master, the sex is secondary."

"And I want to be his fuck toy. So, yeah, it appears to have affected us differently."

"Anyway, my plan for the weekend was to do some shopping, then see if I can figure out what to do to get Stephen to take me as his slave."


Mary blushed. "Yeah, all my clothes are to... modest."

"So I should also be watching for an exhibitionism streak, hmm?"

"Probably." Mary paused a moment. "Actually, there is one other thing I would like to test before I go shopping, if we could."

"What's that?"

"I want to know if removing the necklace cancels the effect."

Jess sobered up. "Yeah, that'd be worth knowing. What's your plan?"

"Well, I thought I'd tie you up and remove the necklace."

"Tie me up how?" Jess had obviously gotten sidetracked.

"Just to a chair. So I can put the necklace back on, if you resist."

"Why don't I get to tie you up? After all, you've had longer for the necklace to take effect."

"Because I want to go shopping afterwards, and I'm not sure we'd get around to that if you were the one free."


"Just go see if there's anything we can use as ropes in this house."

Jessica went to that room every house has that stores any attempts at being 'handy', while Mary thought through how this needed to be set up.

Eventually she decided on bringing one of the kitchen chairs into the living room, and clearing the are around it. That way if Jess managed to knock the chair over, she'd be on carpet and not hit any other furniture. The kitchen chairs were basic wood chairs: it should be easy enough to tie someone to one.

Jess returned from her scavenge as Mary was finished setting this up. "I didn't find much rope, just some kite string. We've got lots of duct tape though."

"That'll probably do. Here, sit down in this chair." Jess obediently sat. "So, which would you rather have: the kite string cutting into your skin, or the duct tape ripping it off?"

"Sure we can't go shopping first?" Jess asked.

"I'd really rather know for sure before we have any chance to find out by accident." Mary responded.

Jess thought for just a moment. "My guess is that we're going to find out that removing the necklaces doesn't change a thing. Therefore use the kite string: It won't cut me if I don't struggle, and I don't think I will. The duct tape would hurt either way."

"Point." Mary acknowledged, and started tying her sister up.

They found out quickly that tying someone up with kite string takes a while. Especially if you are trying to be moderately secure. It was well over half an hour later when Mary pronounced: "Done. That should hold you, at least long enough for me to get the necklace back on. Oh, just one minute."

She ran out, leaving her sister tied to the chair.

She came back holding her voice recorder. "Just in case." She set it out of her sister's reach.

Then she moved over and removed her sister's necklace.

"No change." Was Jessica's response.

"How do I know that?" Mary asked. That stumped Jess.

"Here, I've got an idea." Mary moved over, and loosened the bond on Jessica's left wrist. "I'll give you the necklace, and you have to put it back on. You can't do that if you actually are free: you wouldn't want to be back under the influence."

She handed Jess the necklace and stepped behind her. Jess worked her wrist free, hung out the necklace, then slipped it over her head.

Mary hit play on her voice recorder.

Jess twisted her head. "Wanted to make absolutely sure?"


"Don't worry. The main effect, at least, is permanent."

"Good." Mary set to work untying her sister.

Concubines Necklace

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