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Shopping was uneventful, though they did (as always) attract attention. A little more than usual, as they both wore more revealing outfits than normal. (And their bags contained more revealing yet.) By mutual consent they decided not to talk about their situation in public at the moment.

Mary kept Jess out of the 'adult' shop for the moment as well. Not that her sister's ideas didn't sound tempting. It was just that, at the moment, 'toys' were more likely to get them in trouble then help them.

"So, what do you think Stephen will think of your new look?" Jessica asked, when they had put all their new purchases away.

"I'm actually hoping he doesn't notice, at least not directly. My idea is to kinda sneak up on him."

"Why don't we just throw ourselves at his feet? If he's like most guys I know, I'd like the results..."

"Think about it for a moment, Jess. Most guys you know would look for the hidden camera if you tried that. Sure, once you've convinced them there isn't one you'd get what you wanted, but that could take a while. And if we did that we'd have to explain why our sudden change of attitude. I know Stephen; he'd try to 'fix' us. He might even succeed."

"You sure about that?"

"Yes. He's a bit of a feminist, really." Mary sighed and sat down. "My current plan is to gradually get more, well, risqué, with my clothing, and start hanging around him more. Hopefully I'll be able to bring up the idea that some girls like being ordered around. If I can get him to hear that, it should be a short step to I like being ordered around, and from there..." Both girls got lost in fantasy a moment.

"So, what did you want the other necklace for?" Jess finally asked, fingering the pendant she wore.

"Well, I was thinking it would be a good idea to see if I could catch someone else who knew him better. So that not everything was from me. Also, it did occur to me that I might be able to find someone who didn't live in the dorms, so we wouldn't have to worry about dorm rules. Mostly, though, I just wanted someone to talk about all this with."

"And you decided your sister would be a good person to talk to?"

"Mostly, you just sounded like you'd like it." Mary couldn't believe she'd just said that.

"That I'd like being a sex slave? Or belonging to the club?"

Concubines Necklace

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