Chapter 23

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Slave Scavo: Master wants to report that his latest client is a ‘Faust’ client.

Mary: Oh? What was he doing?

Slave Scavo: It wasn’t really well defined; he didn’t even mention any ‘special’ requirements, or that Faust had referred him until Master and I were about to leave.

Mary: So you were there as well, and saw him.

Slave Scavo: Yep; I’m uploading imagery as well. He seems to intend to set up a dairy-farm and use that for cover, somehow.

Mary: Dairy farm? How would cows cover missing girls?

Slave Scavo: You really need to think about that. I know you’ve seen cow-girls before. ;)

Mary: Oh! That type of dairy farm. So what did he ask Master to do?

Slave Scavo: That’s the problem: He didn’t ask Master to do anything. Master thinks he wants us to make sure the cow-girl positions are a bit more permanent than the girls are expecting, but it wasn’t said.

Slave Scavo: Master’s arranging another meeting in a few days, but until then he hasn’t done anything — there is one girl already there, part-owner, who got some dairy cow girl mods, but nothing illegal.

Slave Scavo: Though she did get the new conditioning program that Master’s been working on. That’s still in testing, and if tweaked could be illegal. Master’s actually hoping to keep the version he’s got installed though — he’s worked hard on keeping it legal, and wants to know if it works.

Mary: Conditioning program? Had you mentioned this?

Slave Scavo: Hmm. I might not have — it’s just been something theoretical, until now. It’s a variant of what Romy asked for. The tweaks are to keep it from getting into an extended feedback loop, so that the behavioral conditioning remains temporary.

Mary: And it wasn’t for Romy? Wait, I do remember something about a ‘loyalty conditioning’ program.

Slave Scavo: Right. She specifically asked Master to make her as loyal to Alicia as he could, and to make it as lasting as possible. He warned her of the risks and expected outcome — That she will continue to be loyal to Alicia basically forever, regardless of whatever. She confirmed she wanted the program anyway, and signed a waver.

Mary: Right. I did see that…

Mary: (Ok, actually, I’ve been trying to get that image out of my mind for days. It’s so hot, to think she’s forever going to be by that girl’s side.)

Slave Scavo: I’ll admit I like the image as well.  ;) Anyway, the program he’s working on — and testing on Eniko — is designed to give most of the same effect while installed, but to keep the reinforcement low enough that it still can be removed and the subject can recover from the conditioning fairly quickly.

Slave Scavo: Master says it probably needs some calibration before he’s ready to send it for classification, but he explained to Eniko what it was, how it worked, and possible risks.

Mary: Ok, got it. I’ll put that in the report. Anything else that should be mentioned?

Slave Scavo: One other thing: Master did give him the address to the black market that we’ve found, so that George can look at some less-legal mods for Master to apply for him.

Mary: I’ll mention that. We’re still trying to track and trace the root servers behind that.

Slave Scavo: It might be a good idea to hold off for a while — we don’t know how often it gets handed out, and we don’t want to trace it’s leak back to Master, right?

Mary: Good point. We should protect Master from any fallout if we want this operation to work. Talk to you later?

Slave Scavo: If I can. ;)

Slave Scavo: Oh — You probably don’t want to call him ‘Master’ in your reports. ;)

Adieen and Cynthia were waiting in the stables when Talib arrived the next afternoon, undressed and working on their boots. Arriving with Hadia who’d ushered him back, he

Future Dom

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